December 2017
*For Immediate Release

‘Slippery When Wet’ Celebrates Bon Jovi’s Induction into
the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

(December 13th, 2017) – The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is finally calling Bon Jovi into its folds to occupy a pride of place among the greatest rock stars ever. Among those who are proud and mighty pleased is his official tribute act, ‘Slippery When Wet’. This team has indeed ‘kept the faith’ and done more than anyone to spread the music of the one and only Jon Bon Jovi.
The outpouring of fan votes, over 1 million of them , is not surprising, for Bon Jovi has been a central figure in all things rock. Active for over 30 years, he has sold over 130 million albums worldwide, with eight songs reaching the No 1 spot on Billboard. As late as 2013, his was once again recognized as the highest grossing touring act.
His tribute band ‘Slippery When Wet’ comprises Jason Morey (vocals), Anthony Cappolino, (guitar), Jimmi Botsford (bass) and John Martin (drums), who have achieved their own fame singing his songs wherever they go. ‘Slippery When Wet’ has performed over 1,400 shows in the U.S. alone, and has traveled to Africa, Mexico, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. They have headlined on over 60 cruises on the Royal Caribbean cruise line, played the pre game of Super Bowl 48 in East Rutherford NJ, and in 2007 became the only authorized Bon Jovi tribute in the world by Bon Jovi MGMT. ‘Slippery When Wet’ is also the most popular Bon Jovi tribute act on YouTube.
Formed in 2003, the band traces its origin to the popularity of lead singer Jason Morey, who hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and resembled Bon Jovi to an extent that he was mistakenly invited backstage by comedian Dave Chappelle at one of his comedy shows. The band went on to earn praise as the ultimate tribute to the rock star, extracting live arrangements from Bon Jovi’s past tours.
As Bon Jovi prepares to enter the Hall of Fame, ‘Slippery When Wet’ is around to play to packed audiences.
“Our drive, musical ability, showmanship and dedication to duplicating the Bon Jovi live experience simply cannot be outdone,” said the band’s spokesperson.

June 2017
So with success comes the follow up.
The Lovesick – Breathe Baby Breathe is available thru our Online Store (deluxe cd version) or digitally throughout the world.
You can follow the band at thelovesick.xyz
Clink on the cd cover to check out the their first video from the new disc – Racing the Sun

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October 2016
We’re very excited to announce a new original project from members of the band.
The Lovesick – Help 4 A Hopeless World is available thru our Online Store (deluxe cd version) or digitally throughout the world.
You can follow the band at thelovesick.xyz
Clink on the cd cover to check out the their first video – The World is Yours and Mine

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May 2016
Slippery When Wet Hot Sauce -Fire Roasted Jalapeno Sauce – Available Now

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Article on the band in the Brunswick News

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September 2015

New article on the band as published @ AL.com

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April 2015

We were so happy to have Fred The Elephant Boy from Howard Stern’s Wack Pack record a special message for us.Come out on April 25th to 37 Main Johns Creek , GA

November 2014

On November 14th Slippery When Wet performed as part of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas Inaugural Cruise.The ship is amazing and we hope to see all of you on a future cruise.



August 2014


The Sinner Saints released their new single “Too Much Pressure” on August 12th.
It’s available on all digital formats.
Itunes link below


July 2014

What can we say……8 is great…another amazing year at Disney’s Sound Like Summer Concert Series @ Epcot….



June 2014

Had the plesaure of meeting Hugh McDonald in Vegas.Nice work Hugh !!!


…and also Vince Neil


May 2014

Runaway with Slippery When Wet – The Ultimate Rock Fan Excursion with The Ultimate Tribute Band
September 18th – 21st
Hard Rock Resort – Puerto Vallarta Mexico



4 Days / 3 Nights Hotel ALL INCLUSIVE Accommodations At The Hard Rock Hotel, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Includes All Meals and All Beverages (see below)
*Photo Op With Slippery When Wet
*1st Night – Welcome Party with Slippery When Wet
*Day and Night Number 2 – Pool Party with Slippery When Wet (acoustic)& Cocktail Party with Slippery When Wet
*Night Number 3 – Concert & After Party
*Autographed Photo Of Slippery When Wet
*Special Event Credential And Lanyard

February 2014

February 2nd the band played the Official NFL Super Bowl XLVIII Pre Game Extravaganza in New Jersey.The band slammed thru a set of the hits inside the spacious Coors Light Tent. Afterwards the band watched the game with Super Bowl XXV MVP Ottis Anderson. Fun Times….Glendale give us a call….





January 2014

Had an amazing time opening up the all new Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya …Check it out …all inclusive resort… too much fun !!!


October 2013

in honor of the bands 10 year anniversary we thought we’d take the time to reflect upon the last 10 years of slippery when wet

this band started 10 years ago with the thought if we could really put together a show that really embraced the live bon jovi experience …it just might work.
after seeing bj countless times and hundreds of hours of watching live concerts and videos we crafted our show.

that first year or so….yikes…it took us some 100 shows or so to really start to get a feel for how the show would come together.

it took us a little while to earn some respect…doubters , haters , critics….all chimed in….as shows and crowds kept stacking….

then came 2006….with 3 years under our belt bon jovi pushing a very succesful new cd…chips started to fall into place….headlining rooms across the southeast …building fan base…..

folks paying attention…newspaper covers …radio appearances….the ultimate stamp of approval….official authorization from bon jovi management….now were on our way

suddenly after 4 years the phone rings ……………….its the mouse……….he says come on down and play at my summer concert festival….we went…. we all sweat …we kicked its ass….and still doing it some 7 years later…

halfway in….we turn around and who would have guessed it…were on our way to being the biggest band in atlanta….from sell outs to setting numerous attendance records….it all seems like a blur

around this time we finally get in with the house of blues company….one of my dreams to go back home and headline the stage where i once stood and thought……someday……someday….

over these 10 years you see clubs, venues ….open…close……do bustling business…fight to stay open…..with a few band line up changes over the years…still we marched on…..

one of the most rewarding experiences were our shows for the troops this last summer….africa , singapore , diego garcia….amazing time….

which brings us to this week ….. our 10th anniversary show… some 880 odd shows played to over a half of a million people…..and we feel like were just getting better…..with fans and friends like ours we can only grow….the love and support weve received over these 10 magical years is uncontested……theres not enough thank yous we could possibly give to the faithful…but we can start……from the bottom of our hearts…..thank u

2014 could be our biggest year yet……..r u ready???????

a quick shout out to some very influential people we’d like to say thanks to…in no particular order

joe white
dave white
john white
jeff kantor
john mallory
johnny esposito
wild bills
andrews upstairs
bradley jordan
joe guida
dave chappelle
kevin figueroa
brad ross
john ellison
jim mallonee
sandy charboneau
house of blues
danny lee fossett
walt disney world entertainment
chad atkins
debby johnson
troy bryan
marty pelto
paul sahlin
matt jones
rick wiegand
37 main
mike calta

August 2013
Welcome to the new and improved Slippery When Wet – The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute Band Website.There’s a bunch of new stuff to get lost in…….grab a seat…stay awhile

August 2013

Check out this painting that was done by an artist as she watched the show….pretty cool


July 2013
The Sounds Like Summer Concert Series @ Epcot – Walt Disney World once again was stupendous…..In our 7th year the band posted the 2nd biggest numbers in Epcot – Walt Disney World History…Thanks to all who came out and had fun with us…..


May 29th 2013

In May of this year the band went on 2 different tours to perform for the military.They band visited the Pacific Rim and Africa.Many miles travelled to play some tunes for our troops.The shows were a huge success and we look forward to getting out to other parts of the world to bring some U.S.A. to the men and women who serve our country.

April 15th 2013

This year at Epcot’s Sounds Like Summer Concert Series on Tuesday July 1st we will be playing some special sets.The first 2 sets on this day we will dive deeper into the Bon Jovi catalog to play some songs that we won’t play on any other day during our week long run….many fan requests on this one special day !!!! !!!

March 2013

In March 2013 Slippery When Wet appeared as special guests for Kenny Chesney’s special one night pre-tour engagement in Jacksonville , FL. Kenny and his band and crew were all very gracious and an absolute riot….


February 8th 2013

The band is confirmed for it’s return to the America Gardens Stage at Epcot’s Sounds Like Summer Concert Series . Dates are June 30th thru July 6th.On the 4th of July the band will play 4 sets. Make your travel plans now !!!

January 2013
An article from the Memphis Examiner

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August 13th 2012

For those of you who didn’t know…Slippery When Wet also have an original band…The Sinner Saints who’s debut cd “The Other Tomorrow” is being released on August 21st.You can purchase the new music on itunes and other various digital formats.There is a deluxe cd version that is available as well and can be purchased thru the merchandise page on this website.

August 7th 2012

Thanks all who came out and rocked The Sounds Like Summer Concert Series @ Epcot – Walt Disney World with us for our 6th amazing year…..we set another record in 2012…..thanks again…cant wait till summer 2013….

July 2012

No one replaces the King of Swing….but Phil is great


April 10th 2012

Thanks to the folks over at Palace Resorts & Hard Rock Hotel Puerto Vallarta …the band opened the new vacation destination in style…Viva Mexico !!!



April 2012
A nicely written blog from a new fan.

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September 2011
A review from the Central Florida Future Newspaper

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June 21st 2011
A great new article about the bands upcoming Disney’s Sounds Like Summer Concert Series performances is posted at Dis Unplugged – the largest unofficial Disney website on the web.Thanks to David Parfitt for a fun article.

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June 2008
An article in Metromix Nashville

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We forgot to post this one…the next best thing with the right hand man…thanks Obie..Go Soul !!!

Jason With ex L.A. Dodgers ace Brad Penny…The same night he got up and sang with Steel Panther at the Key Club in Hollywood.
You can check it out by clicking on the photo below…NEW FOOTAGE

brad penny

In March 2008 Slippery played In Las Vegas at The House of Blues…what a night !!!




Plane ticket – $329
Rock Star & vodka- $43
Tattoo – $160

Getting the tatt done at the same studio and by the same artist that did Jon’s:
No other Jovi Tribute is more authentic than this dog and pony show!!!


Big thanks to Robert, Bill and Greg at Sunset Strip Tattoo !